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Automatic L bar sealer and shrink tunnel

With Alpha Pack’s semi-automatic film sealing machine (L-bar-sealer), your products can be packed quickly and cost-effectively in one working cycle by using film separation sealing.
The product is inserted into the semi-automatic packaging machine and the release happens in a manual or pneumatic way.
The sealing frame opens automatically and the product can be fed optionally into a separate shrink tunnel.
The high-quality components and our mature impulse wire technology guarantee high-strength sealing seams and low-maintenance operation.
Due to its easy handling, the packaging machine ensures flexible and time-saving packaging at high throughput rates.
Customer specific sealing frame sizes or permanently heated sealing knifes are available on request.



MODELLA 5000 TLA 6000 T
Usable films:POF / PP / PEPOF / PP / PE
Maximum film thickness:50my50my
Sealing frame size:450 x 410 mm610 x 480 mm
Sealing mechanism:L-Sealing StampL-Sealing Stamp
Maximum product dimensions:320 x 450 x 120 mm580 x 420 x 200 mm
Maximum reel sizes (L x Ø):480 x Ø 250 mm600x Ø 300mm
Machine size:2262 x 1480 x 1620 mm3500 x 1710 x 1600 mm
Conveyor belt speed:30 m / minute30 m / minute
Connected load (maximum):6,0 kW12,0 kW
Supply voltage:400 V / 3-phases400 V / 3-phases
Machine weight (approximately):450 kg610 kg
Air pressure (dry air):5,0 bar5,0 bar
Sealing process:Up to 40 pieces / minuteUp to 40 pieces / minute

It is not possible to combine all maximum dimensions

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